Risking is Poetry

about Darío Castillejos

As “a poet of the humorous image”, Darío Castillejos seems to be not just a cartoonist. His drawings, with impeccable technique, represent a successful compromise between imagination and social criticism. According to him, “the economic crisis has hit Latin American countries heavily, leaving many families defenseless. The selfishness, waste, corruption and cynicism of the mighty have prevented the possibility of growth for many peoples. If we reflected on each other’s needs, things might be very different”.

“I like to refer to the issues that cause us discomfort, those that are in the public rumor, such as poor administration of justice, criminality, drug trafficking, etc. I always try to approach politics with a critical and humorous look, with the intention of not only denouncing but leading to an exercise of reflection in each caricature. Caricature in Mexico has a long tradition in the press, however, many caricaturists can’t provide their subsistence from their work today. In addition, the climate of violence and helplessness that the country suffers has put all the workers of the press, including graphic humorists, at risk.

Born in Oaxaca City in Mexico in 1974, Darío draws cartoons for the newspaper El imparcial de Oaxaca, for the weekly El Chamuco and for the magazines Courrier International and Foreign Affairs Latinoamerica. He also collaborates with agencies such as, CartonClub and Cartoon Movement. Currently, he is the president of CartonClub, the Latin-American cartoon club. He won twice the prestigious Journalism National Award from the Citizen Council of Mexico and various other awards around the world.

In 2009, he was part of the project Cartooning for Reconciliation, organized by Parent’s Circle Forum, in order to promote peace between Israel and Palestine.


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