Memory Keeper

A project by Domenico Agostinelli

When we reach the museum, one of its main entrances is closed to the public. Domenico Agostinelli, founder and manager of this spectacular place, tells us that he was forced to do it due to the constant thefts which the museum is suffering for quite some time now. A very unpleasant thing for someone like him who started collecting objects in 1954 as a “santaro” — holy pictures salesman —, by proposing a barter system in order to collect and take “the real history about the past” away from oblivion.

His is a pure sorrow, more than rage. But we are in Italy, a place still too culturally used to a childish way to appropriate things, to the detriment of the common good. So, whilst no one seems to care anymore about “that sweet romantic melancholy” that the past can give you, somebody else wants it all for themselves. There is still a long way to go.

With its more than 400 collections of objects from more than 60 countries, today the Museo Agostinelli is one of the largest place of art, folk traditions, and not just, in the world. Since the entrance is free and there is no sale, they rent both the objects and the location to television, film and theatrical productions, to pay the costs.

Located in Via Carlo Casini, 95, Rome, the museum appeal to volunteers — both partners and not — and public bodies to support it and give it a final site, in the name of memory.


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