Heroes & Killers

about Benjamin Béchet

According to Benjamin Béchet, even without a costume, real-life heroes are around us every day. With his I am Winnie the Pooh series, he has put superheroes, icons, celebrities known throughout the world into marginal shoes to serve as a reminder that what you see is never what you get, that people are always more complex, that each identity is only partial and that we are all one, none and a hundred thousand.

The project is set in Rome which is a breeding ground for hundreds of tiny identity-obsessed groups who seize the opportunity to refer to a certain Romaness or the Roman Empire. The city is a theatre for a wave of overt intolerance and violence against a segment of the population who represent a feared and rejected otherness. Another series that seems to connect with this concept of sacrifice and isolation is the dark My beautiful killer, where the look struggles to keep in focus and manage strong emotions inspired by empty landscapes and bodies.

Based in Marseille, France, Benjamin takes a documentary approach to his photography. He often works as a reportage photographer for the press as well as for numerous NGOs, which allows him to satisfy his spirit as a citizen of the world.

As well as commissions, he works on his personal projects that allow him to give rein to his artistic curiosity produces portraits and reports for the magazine press, communication and advertising agencies.

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