Colors of La Movida

about Ouka Leele

Interested in painting since childhood, of course, Bárbara Allende Gil de Biedma aka Ouka Leele wanted to be a painter, but discovered photography as another medium of looking at figurative work. At a unique moment in Spanish history, as one of the most important photographers during the nation’s La Movida Madrileña — a countercultural movement that took place mainly in Madrid during the Spanish transition after Francisco Franco’s death in 1975 — she defined a contemporary approach to seduction located between provocation and playing with the concept of beauty. The result was a fresh and original way of looking at images.

Born in Madrid in 1957, Ouka has never considered photography to be merely a tool to render reality visible. Rather, she uses it as an instrument to impose her point of view through both intimacy and distance. She has also worked as an illustrator and written several poetry books.


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