Dancing Soul

about Sergio Martínez Cifuentes

Many sensitive lives are often prey to their own fantasies and greater capacity for observation. Prey to their past, more than anyone else. Sergio Martínez Cifuentes was a timid and introverted boy, and the fact that he had lived with his grandparents until the age of seven has undoubtedly influenced his personality. They were of an overanxious nature and therefore hindered him from forming any relationships with other children, and even his participation in team games. He played out his dancing sensitivity in the damp gardens and orchards of the house in Talcahuano.

Born in Santiago, Chile on the 7th of July 1966, young Sergio’s drawings were outstanding, which, together with his poems and small musical compositions, began to shape the teenager’s romantic and existentialist personality. It is at this stage where he participated in numerous youth competitions in painting, obtained significant awards, which helped him understand the true importance of his relationship with fine arts, until the several exhibitions worldwide.

In 1987 Sergio married Lizeth, with whom he made the first portraits and nudes: hence his encounter with the human figure became a new challenge, which bound him in the 90s with the “nude” world, that would become the theme that covers almost all of his work. From 2004, he has been immersed in his “Dancers” series for over two years and it will shortly be launched. According to him, dancers are a inexhaustible resource which is tremendously seductive. They seem to voluptuously embody the impulses of his soul, so used to rise over the childhood’s constraints.

“By depicting them I can transmit things. They take comfort in each other, they confide in each other, they wait for auditions, they gaze at the audience from behind the curtains and they apply make-up. Whatever it is you have to say, whether it is simple or complicated, is transformed into beauty when it is said by means of a gesture or a movement by these magical performers”.


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