Freedom Cove

A project by Wayne Adams and Catherine King

Wayne Adams and Catherine King have spent 20 years building their “Freedom Cove”, a self-sustaining, floating island in Tofino, BC, Canada, just to live off the grid. Started in 1992, today the property includes five greenhouses, a dance floor, an art gallery, a lighthouse tower for guests, a generator shed, and a studio where the Canadian art couple lives — he as a carver, she as a painter, dancer, writer and musician. They don’t own a fridge or freezer, eating what Catherine grows in her half-acre garden and what Wayne catches fresh from the ocean. Their drinking water comes from a nearby waterfall in the summer, and from rainwater in the winter.

According to Catherine, “living in the wilderness is constant inspiration, it’s so incredible to wake up every morning and see all of this. This is how I will live for the rest of my life.

The structure, painted for the most part in turquoise and magenta, used to be powered by 14 solar panels, but Wayne and Catherine had to convert to a small Honda generator when the panels broke down. The generator gives them about 3,000 watts of power, which is enough to keep the lights on for 12 hours.

Father of two, Wayne explains one of the reasons for their fascinating choice: This whole home is for the kids in our family to come and see what you can’t learn in school anymore. When I was young, this is what you learned in school: skills. To share this with the community and young minds, that is the teaching here on the west coast.

From June to September, Wayne and Catherine welcome Freedom Cove Tours with the hope that visitors learn about a way of life that doesn’t exist anywhere else.


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