Hipsters in Stone

A project by Léo Caillard and Alexis Persani

Since photographer Léo Caillard and digital mastermind Alexis Persani have joined their skills, Michelangelo’s David and other Louvre’s classical sculptures have flawless style as well. As a great lover of creations combining a delicate intertwining of the new and the historic, Léo teamed up with Alexis to give these ancient sculptures a sartorial update. He first photographed the statues in the buff and then used his friends as models for the flannels, cuff jeans, and Ray Bans that the statues would wear. Alexis then combined them to create a startlingly natural-looking series.

The series, called Hipsters in Stone, was widely viewed on line and, since 2012, it has featured in many international art fairs. It follows the theme of Léo, “Surprise”: The viewer is drawn to the familiar within the image, but closer inspection reveals many layers of incongruous information. This collision of elements forces the observer to question his assumptions and the roles of the subjects presented. Léo just invites us to rediscover our social environment with a lightness of touch, humour and sensitivity.


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