Streets of Mexico

about Fermín Guzmán

Street photography has no limits, and it’s not always a matter of technical ability. Streets have many stories to tell, so you just have to be good to find and take them. Your skill is primarily there. This seems to be the case for Fermín Guzmánit, too, photographer from Chimalhuacán, Mexico City. What is started like a vice and a relaxing therapy, now allows him to show what interests him, especially in the streets, those magical and unique moments that will never be repeated again.

“Mexico is a country of social contrasts, colors, stories, incredible sites from the city’s districts to the indigenous peoples, everything I observe with an anthropological look. Usually, after a long day of street photography, I like to sit in front of the computer to observe and select the best images. On the other hand, I think that street photography has no end, it’s like a loop, because every time, if I see something interesting or magical in the street, I immediately shoot my camera.



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