Abandoned 3

about Angelique Brunas aka Liek

How many wonderful abandoned places in the world? How many places leave their oblivion for a moment, thanks to some photographer, lover of this “genre”? According to Angelique “Liek” Brunas, photographer from the Netherlands, the most challenging will always be to enter a place, you never know what to expect. There can always be someone else or it can be really dangerous to walk around in a rotten building that has collapsed.

“When I’ve started with urbex, in 2008, this was a hobby not many people had. So when you where inside and heard footsteps it was almost never from other explorers but from a squatter, thieves or the police. These days when you enter a place you do not have to be surprised to find 10 or more other explorers in there.

Angelique never followed the crowd. She loves all kinds of people but has a problem with people that don’t have their own opinion and hates it if people don’t tell her what they really think, better yet how they really feel. Maybe this is what she really looks for in her journeys away from the city.

Abandoned 2
Abandoned Planet


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