Abandoned 2

about Käthe Kuhl aka ragekay

We are always intrigued by the past and the theatre of abandoned places whose spectral silence is so strong that it evokes whole existences drove down there over the years or centuries. We talked about this with Reverend Bobby Anger who one day awoke to a new calling and found himself “in remote corners of the night, in abandoned homes and deserted schools”.

This is the time of Käthe Kuhl aka ragekay, from Germany. His inspiration comes mostly from the places themselves. A modern and high-tech looking building can inspire him to very symmetric and “clean” looking pictures, while old and abandoned buildings bring out darker and more gritty looking pictures.

“Things like the location, the surrounding area of the place, past owners and the history often turn up fascinating results. A few years ago for example I visited an abandoned Chateau in Belgium which once belonged to a very rich and aristocratic family. It really stimulates ones fantasy what might’ve happened to them.

If only these old walls could talk

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