La Faune et la Flore

about Mark Harless

It started with a girl — “but doesn’t it always?”. After serving in the military and fell in love, Mark Harless moves to Alabama with her. They are together for four years, until they reach a fork on the road. From there, Mark finds himself spending weeks brooding in a half empty apartment. He was the boy who used to stare outside the window in class, dreaming up magical places that only existed in his fantasies. He was born with a beautiful imagination, but without an artistic bone in his body. And now more than ever he needs something, anything to occupy his mind. He discovers Flickr and closely follows the lives of several conceptual photographers. A few months later, on one uneventful day, he’s just a few feet from safety. He has saved up enough money to buy his very own camera. And when he does it, it’s like falling in love all over again.

Also known as Bleeblu, today Mark is a conceptual photographer who creates worlds where death, mystery, and ritual seem to play a key role. This is the reason why he invites to ignore subjects like dead birds and the vegetation growing out of skin on his website, as in the case of his series Fertilizer or La Faune et la Flore where the shots with the model/photographer Molly Strohl were sent to the French illustrator Moon to enhance their artistic beauty, tweaking with mystical tattoos and piercing flowers.

Mark really enjoys the outdoors: exploring, hiking and camping. He’s particularly thankful to be living in Huntsville, Alabama for its caves, rivers and waterfalls: In all honesty, I don’t know if I truly enjoy these things for what they are or if I enjoy them for my photography’s sake. Alternatively, I’m much of a recluse. I spend most of my nights alone reading, writing, or watching movies and drinking wine.

Death isn’t just the end. It’s not the beginning either. It’s just part of the life cycle. Show me the beginning and end of a circle. After we die our bodies will decompose and the plants and animals will feed off of us in the same fashion a bag of fertilizer would.



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