about Frédéric Doazan

Best known for his Supervenus short, Frédéric Doazan is a French animator, experimental filmmaker and motion designer with a great sense of humour. He hasn’t studied at any animation schools, just learning animation by himself. Together with his two animator friends, Paul Rodrigues and Sylvain Cappelletto, he’s trying to make a collective and creative project besides them professional work.

It appeared that they needed constraints and deadlines in order to force them into make films, so they created 12fps, a sort of animation laboratory, the aim of which is to make a series of 12 animated episodes: For each episode, we pick a theme — in turn — and each of us has to make one short and one very short film about this theme.

Supervenus was made for the fourth episode of this project. They chose the theme “Supervixens”: an erotic comedy by Russ Meyer featuring women with big boobs, just a starting point for their inspiration. Frédéric said he couldn’t imagine doing it in 3D or hand drawing because of his skills, so even if it looks like a cut-out style, it’s all made in After Effects and it took him 10 months to complete it. Besides time, the film cost only 10 euros.

About the message of his work he talked about the difficulties in refraining all the stereotypes that consumerism sells: Women and, above all, men should question all these everyday gender clichés. We sometimes get stuck in stupid rules which are deeply rooted in our culture and society. Women are the main target of a huge and lucrative beauty business. This greedy business will continue to grow and we will still be bombarded by images and diktats.



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