An Ideal Boy

about Priyesh Trivedi

Dear boy, if you’re trying to understand or feel something, to be consciousness or coherent with your thoughts, respect people and places, animals and things, talk about love and beauty around you, smile and change, open and evolve yourself… please open your eyes, because you’re just sleeping: you’re so not a smart boy. And there’s a definite risk you’ll be a sleeper for the rest of your life. Of course, not “a dreamer”, that’s an old story, today the ones like you are despised more than ever, and words like “dream” or “fight” are used for other things. So please, wake up now, talk about something else — about money, if you can —, just go after a shallowest way to live. I might hate you too.

Priyesh Trivedi’s boys seem to live in a permanent twilight sleep. We can’t get to know them. They are so lazily and politely rebels and, therefore, maybe even more frightening. They’re the characters of Adarsh BalakAn Ideal Boy — a personal art project that has amassed a cult following over the social network.

According to Priyesh, the law of the land should never be above the law of nature: “The fact that we live under a system that declares a plant illegal is one of the signs that we are living in a society as oppressed as any society in the past. Laws change only when minds change. Educate”. Of course the system we live in, sometimes also seems to declare illegal other things like education and culture, in some way — replacing them with different alienating experiences — and that would explain a confusing way to approach or use even a plant. And perhaps this is the reason why we can’t understand these boys anymore: what kind of experience they’re gaining? Is it legal or not — or both?

Priyesh lives and works as a visual and concept artist in Bombay, India.


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