Flight of the Imagination

about Alex Pinna

Always looking for a proximity between the public and his works, Alex Pinna created a world swarming with worried, fanciful characters, poets and wanderers who dream of hidden realities and hypothetical places. His installations evoke a flight of the imagination: flying carpets from which dangle rescue ropes, long ladders suggesting a different reality, a parallel plane.

Alex narrates the hidden life of a contemporary self. His stories protect us for a few moments from our own cynicism. This is why his sculptures appear so clearly un-monumental and un-rhetorical: they are characterized by an internal tone, a melancholy and gentle aura. His Pinocchio installations, for example — Pinocchio looking out at the sea or held up by hundreds of tiny uniformed policemen —, all relate to this poetic/affective dimension, this difficult contrast between a free imagination and the hard reality of power and order.

Alex was born in Imperia, Italy, on May 1st — 1967.



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