A project by Nicola Gastaldi


Things will disappear like tears in the rain

Your relationship with the hands of the clock:

I don’t know if I live a symbiotic or dependent relationship with time. On the one hand I am scared of the inevitability of their moving and all that this implies. On the other hand, however, I know we all have a limited time and we have to do our best to ensure that the progress of the hands is not entirely in vain. I look at the hands constantly, I control perhaps obsessively how much time separates me from seeing my family, from delivering a job, always careful not to get late, always tired of those are late in coming.

Does art have the power to stop or, rather, speed up time?

I think art is time itself. Every work that ends is like a point in history: it represents a form in that moment, a vision that, the second it is signed, is part of the past. Art is looking yourself, stopping and declaring who we are, collectively. But it is also progressing and becoming, preparing for the next step. Without art, I think we would be stuck in a confusing state that is always motionless and uncritical.

100 Gastaloops in 100 days: Did you find the system to not go crazy?

The project itself is a form of salvation from a period when my work routine was a little overwhelming, a way to define a style through a game. Every day I took notes of objects or situations that struck me. Then I just put them in perpetual motion, in the evening.

About madness, do you think a sensitive soul, predisposed to artistic visions, can easily do without it?

I do not know, actually. In my experience, the more people call themselves crazy, the more I find them trivial and boring. You just have to go on Twitter and read a bit of bios to see how many people define themselves crazy, in a nasty attempt to declare themselves as unique. I believe that uniqueness, too, is achieved with a rigid self-discipline. Work must be constant and only with the repetition you can manage an instrument and, with it, produce something that represents you freely.


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