Slap It

A project by Joseph Begley

Despite its real functional purpose, our lower back still remains one of the most attractive body parts. This is not escaped Joseph Begley’s attention, London-based designer who thought to celebrate it through a lamp: “a multi-sensory experience to make you smile”. Made from realistic feeling silicone, the cheeky light responds to pressure sensors when it is pinched, squeezed or slapped, directly turning it on or off. The squishy form is available in 8 colors, including: white, red, blue, cyan, magenta, green, yellow, and orange with each emitting a diffuse radiance.

To Joseph, his lamps shall ensure “a sense of lasting enjoyment through the unique tactile pleasure, the irresistible cheeky interaction and the aesthetic quality of the glowing buttocks”. Slap It is on display at the luxury London lingerie boutique, Petit Bisous, and went to the 2016 Emmy Awards.


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