Under the Skin

about Andrew Thomas Huang

Bodies and nonphysical objects breaking down and reintegrating, inanimate objects from the natural world coming to life, a penchant for unnerving grotesquerie in the vein of personal inspiration Chris Cunningham — took time to crystallize. Growing up gay and an ethnic minority, Andrew Thomas Huang, from Los Angeles, couldn’t help but be more curious about the certain psychological habits that human beings have developed to try and control, or at least make sense of the chaos in the universe.

Whether it’s tarot cards or reading turtle bones, he feels like there’s a reason why there are magical practices in so many parts of the world. A reason that he tries to express through his experimental shorts and videos.

Andrew has made a career for himself also directing commercials, forming collaborative relationships with a number of renowned artists along the way, not least Sigur Rós, Atoms for Peace and Björk, for whom he’s directed two music videos and the nine-minute short film, Black Lake, that premiered at the Icelandic artist’s MoMA retrospective. In between jobs, he has always made his own experimental short films.

“In the beginning, I was largely self-taught. But as I’ve gotten older and have collaborated with more people, I learn best from others and working in groups where people share tips and tricks. When all else fails, I turn to YouTube, or Digital Tutors to find tutorials on what I need. It’s not my intent to make ‘disturbing’ work. But in the act of earnestly exploring certain themes that reappear in my work, there’s always some sort of return to body imagery that can inevitably turn weird and get under people’s skin.



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