Rainbow Village

about Huang Yung-Fu: from soldier to street artist

This is another great story about a man who has used the power of art and colors as the only way to preserve the place where he chose to spend his days. The man is Huang Yung-Fu, a former soldier, and the story of his village begins in 1949, after the civil war in mainland China, when the houses of military villages in Taichung, Taiwan, became run down and developers began buying up the land for redevelopment.

Eventually, some settlements became permanent and many veterans and their families were left to spend much of their lives in them. Then, residents were offered compensation or new housing to move, but Huang remained even after his neighbours had left and only 11 homes remained.

Bored with being the only person left in the village he began painting a bird inside his home and his artwork grew from there.

Local university students discovered Huang’s work and campaigned to save what to today is known as Rainbow Village. Authorities eventually agreed that it should be preserved and hopefully become a designated cultural area. It is a popular tourist attraction, along with nearby Art street pulling in more than a million visitors annually, mostly from Asia.

Soon Koon
Steven Barringer


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