about Christopher Golebiowski

Not everybody loves to talk or write too much of themselves, especially when you have a particular vision of reality and mankind. If you were one used to fantasies about a parallel universe where animals replace men, doing exactly what men do everyday, including ritual slaughter or experiments, wouldn’t you feel a little uncomfortable in your human being’s shoes, enough to prefer a sound compromise between a sort of anonymity and your strong need to express yourself? Then, someone might get the wrong idea of you. And this could definitely hurt your feelings.

Of course, Christopher Golebiowski is just one of these sensitive existences. One of those who really hate the smugness in humans as they see themselves as something else other than animals.

“People raise their ego into some fucked illusion about being the center of the universe. That there’s a life after this. That we’re ‘chosen’. That we’re ‘meant’ for something. But everyone has a different opinion about that. So will kill the ones that don’t agree. If you’re one of these people, go on raping the earth and contributing to destruction. You won’t experience any of the consequences when you’re in paradise, right? Just don’t expect your children to like what they inherited. You’re building a big problem for your future children consisting of pollution, poverty, hunger and injustice coming to fuck them in the ass as they grow up”.

Christopher lives in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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