Really Crazy

about Jimmy Marble

As a great new wave films lover, before moving to Los Angeles, all of Jimmy Marble’s short films and video work were black and white, but just came in California he consciously started to try to find his own voice and be of his own time, by switching to color. And the first thing he decided was if he was going to be working with color, he should make that a primary element of his work.

“LA really introduced collaboration to me. I love set life because you have a group of people all working together on the same idea, bringing their own expertise, their own taste, and their own story to what we’re all working on.

Jimmy is a director, photographer, designer and muralist. His transition from movie — Poor Cherries — to photography produced some enchanting and colorful series as Magic City, Never Bored or The Garden of Eden, that, since from the titles suggest a certain way of looking at things:

“I have days that don’t go very well. But for the most part I really like my life. I found a line of work that leaves me really satisfied, and that’s the best. I love making things. There are times when money is way tighter than I want it to be, or a friend’s being a jerk, or I am, or I get in a bike crash, or heartbroken, or the news I read is all oppressively awful, and those things, but I also get to be a human, which is crazy. Really, really crazy.


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