Modern Virgin

about Soasig Chamaillard

Soasig Chamaillard is a sculptor grew up in a Christian Western society. Her perspective on life has been a result of her environment and background. The playful interaction of society’s many icons, physical transformations, and the resulting improbable combinations, have culminated in her vision of a woman’s role and place in our society.

This inner questioning of a woman’s role has led Soasig to use one of the most sacred icons in her work, namely, the Virgin Mary. Initially, she begins with damaged statues, either donated or discovered in garage sales, which she then restores and transforms. She surely does not mean to chock those who believe but rather to move those who see.

Soasing first worked in illustration and design but she did not have many clients, so she started to make small figurines of monsters. Her creations were well-received and with much enthusiasm. For three years, she almost exclusively worked to produce these objects for some stores in Nantes, but she realized that she created only to produce, only to satisfy “the other”. She wanted to love what she was doing, even if this caused some problems.

“I know that a store in Paris — Magna-Carta —, which sells some one of my statuettes, sometimes encounters problems with Christians. That hurts me because I think they do not understand my work. I do not seek to shock the Christians, I simply carry out a reflection of spirituality today, in our world. I feel respectful of the Blessed Virgin icon, but, I imagine, we all do not have the same concept of respect.


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