To the Eternal

about Harold Muñoz

Inspired by the original pieces and atmospheres of museums like Louvre or d’Orsay, Harold Muñoz sublimates the human vulnerability, looking for the essence which can be seen flowing through its veins, skin, blood, sex, wounds, and scars: “a tender and true sensuality that leads you to the eternal, totally removed from appearances and fetishes… that reminds me of God, and I seek to recreate it in all of my work”.

Harold arrived in Paris the summer of 2006, starting immediately to paint and exhibit in the Daniel Besseiche gallery. Apart from Louvre and d’Orsay, his favorite places to look for inspiration are the forest of Boulogne, in the Atelier, touring Paris at night, in the subway watching the faces of people, while listening to music alone, or during his dreams.

“The technique makes no sense to me that when it serves sensibility, has passions when it is capable of translating desires, ecstasies and individual vortices. Why love, why die, what to feel, feel or breathe if it is not or cannot be eternal?



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