about Jacqueline Roberts

Along the same lines of thought and working by Sally Mann or Niki Boon, Jacqueline Roberts fiercely disagrees with the common perception that sees children as “cute-innocent-creatures”. She finds this notion condescending and manipulative.

“What I love about them is their rawness, their fresh unawareness, their uncompromising ability to be as they are. Their endearing fragility. Their compelling determination. I love their snots, their tears, their scratches. Above all, I love their dignity.

As for her Kindred Spirits or Triptychs series, Jacqueline loves to involve and celebrate her children, Madoc, Malen and Emrys, all born on the same day. To her, beauty just has to be emotional, affective, as in the original sense of aesthetics. Beauty is something that you feel, rather than see. Everything and everyone around: a word, a colour, a feeling, the children’s spontaneity or the genius of the Masters is what inspires her.

Born in Paris from a Spanish family, in 1969, she graduated in Political Sciences and worked for international organisations before turning to photography as a self-taught. Nebula is her last book, tracing the moment of limbo that marks the transition from childhood to adolescence.


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