In Limbo

about May Von Krogh

I’m lost at sea
Don’t bother me
I’ve lost my way
I’ve lost my way

Flowers and children by May Von Krogh are in limbo between dream and reality, life and death. They complain about a premature loss of innocence in a world on the run towards a more and more uncertain future, just like the countless refugees fleeing power mechanism, terrorist attacks, split attitudes and xenophobia. A form of powerlessness against the situation we are all faced with, somehow.

As in the case of her Ataraxia installation, May emphasizes the repercussions of the choices we make, both as a desire for increased awareness and responsibility, but also as a reminder of our own vulnerability. A field of flowers made from high fired porcelain, where each flower is illuminated from the inside. The lights are programmed to change color and strength in slow movements, as a grain field in nature can change form and color depending on the weather.

May likes working with her hands directly, but she uses different kinds of tools too. When she started her art education, she first wanted to be a painter, but some coincidences made her tend more towards sculpture and ceramics, despite their long and complicated process involving an original planning, since ceramic has to be hollowed out before drying and firing in the kiln.

“Even though the issues I deal with thematically can be emotionally tough, the making of the piece is always the most challenging. Some of my work is more personal related, and the way I experience the world around me is always present, but still, I wouldn’t say that my work is a direct reflection of me as a person. I’m not that dark and dreary in life.


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