Mad Maxfantasy World

about Justin Plunkett

It’s hard to know what’s real and what’s fake inside the worlds Justin Plunkett creates. That rusted merry-go-round-like structure in the above photo? That’s a real-life playground in the Cape Town neighborhood of Lavender Hill. The monolithic roller coaster behind it? A product of Plunkett’s 3-D animation skills.

In his recent Con/struct series, Justin, a Cape Town designer and creative director, has created a Mad Maxfantasy world, filled with tottering skyscrapers made of refuse from a bygone era. Each of his images is the result of multiple photographs layered together with computer-generated illustrations. He had been amassing a collection of photographs taken in some of the most down-and-out neighborhoods of Cape Town, with no particular agenda or plan for them.

Justin takes a tire from an image, a metal container from another, the sky from a different photograph and then constructs an illustrated architectural structure in the middle of it. Maybe, you know deep down that what you’re looking at isn’t actually there, but the images do make you wonder: What if it were?

The artist is a South African designer, illustrator and photographer based in Switzerland. He likes collisions, most recently, the culture of creativity in Switzerland versus South Africa. His design philosophy is Simple, Clear and Beautiful. He is committed to delivering world-class design, deeply imbued with strategic intent — that works hard to fulfill its intended function. His work has featured in numerous international print and online publications, including CNN, Wired and Colossal.


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