Bent Objects

A project by Terry Border

Terry Border is one of those who brings objects to life, from peanuts to pill bottles. In 2006 he started what he calls his Bent Objects project, mainly because all the other blog names were already taken. He used to work as a baker in a grocery store and one day while leaving work he passed by a display of real lemons sitting next to a box of plastic lemons. As he walked by he thought, if those lemons were alive, “how would they associate with each other?”.

The plastic lemons appeared almost doll-like next to the real ones, prompting him to think about humans and their dolls. The final shot gives an idea of his thought process. Terry studied photography in school and initially made his living as a commercial photographer. When that grew old he tried cartooning, then landed in sculpture. He was born October 16, 1965, and has spent the vast majority of his life in the Indianapolis, Indiana area.




“I couldn’t have planned it if I tried. I don’t mean for everything to be funny. We all have different perspectives and my perspective happens to be kind of strange and twisted. A lot of it is playing with our preconceived notions of shapes and objects.

Some people think I’m silly for segregating it, especially the Europeans, but there are some people in this state who are very conservative and it makes me a little nervous. Whatever I do, I just want to have a good time with it”.






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