Bombing Cartoons

about Tom Cheney

American cartoonist, born in Norfolk, Virginia, Tom Cheney is an incredibly prolific gag cartoonist — 7 cartoons per day — who usually starts his writing sessions with a few doodles and then tries to develop concepts by putting two things together that don’t belong together… He likes all forms of cartooning, but the gag cartoon presents the biggest challenge for him, and he seems to have clear ideas about the difference between a single panel gag and a comic strip:

“The single panel gag cartoon is a bomb that goes off in your face. There’s no set-up or warning, as with a comic strip. A comic strip gives the reader time to take cover. A gag cartoon sucker punches you, and it takes a lot of wit and cleverness to do that.



I take it let him dress for a change?

I take it let him dress for a change?

Graduated from the State University of New York at Potsdam in 1976 with a BA in psychology and a staff cartoonist with The New Yorker, Tom’s work has appeared in over 500 publications in the United States and other countries, including National Lampoon, The Harvard Business Review, Mad Magazine, Penthouse, The Wall Street Journal, Punch, Barron’s Magazine, and the Commies From Mars comic book series.

He was the 1985 winner of the Charles M. Schulz Outstanding Cartoonist Award for his work in magazine cartooning, and his cartoons have been spotlighted on ABC Nightline, CNN, CBS 60 Minutes, and NBC News. Originals of Tom’s work are on permanent display at the Museum of Cartoon Art, the New-York Historical Society, and the United Nations, as well as in numerous private collections. He and his wife Cynthia live on the island of Kauai, one of the Hawaiian islands.





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