Fragiles Fabulae

about Žilda

By spreading public art for more than 10 years in the streets of Rome, Lisbon, Naples and Belgrade, Zilda is one of the most inspiring street artists of our days. After his Roman experience, of cinematic inspiration, his Fragiles Fabulae project, on the walls of Naples, is particularly interesting and fascinating. It’s about ancestry Symbolist and pre-Raphaelite images displayed in historical places of the city, such as Santa Chiara and Piazza Bellini.

As for many artists seduced by this city and its walls dripping history, he managed to enter within it, by enhancing every corner. He was induced to work in Naples, “heaven inhabited by devils”, just by chance. In fact, at first the idea was to spend a few days to see someone who lived there, but then he found out the city and he extended the stay, becoming an obscure figure accepted by all the townspeople.





Born in Lorient, France, Zilda is also a graffiti photographer, this is certainly not a secondary element, since having a good space vision can help in choosing the best place to work and, of course, in capturing it ad hoc once it’s done.

“It is essential to know the social and architectural stratification of a city, to get familiar with its streets, its quarters, and to view that urban setting as a constraint that stimulates the staging of my ideas. ‘Spotting the city’ amounts to approaching it like an open-air museum where each wall constitutes a hypothetic painting, a backdrop already developing its own aesthetics and organization of colors and materials”.






J’irai là-bas où l’arbre et l’homme, pleins de sève,
Se pâment longuement sous l’ardeur des climats,
Fortes tresses, soyez la houle qui m’enlève !
Tu contiens, mer d’ébène, un éblouissant rêve
De voiles, de rameurs, de flammes et de mâts

Charles Baudelaire

Žilda in Naples

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  1. These Neo-classical artworks on modern streets are perfect


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