Ashes Vinyl

A resting place for vinyl lovers

Your ashes playing forever through a record? With the comeback of the vinyl, the UK company Andvinyly made up a little bizarre package, wich is to take your actual cremated ashes — or those of one of your pets — and press them into 30 discs, each with 24 total minutes of audio — 12 minutes on each side.

You have to supply the sound, so you can record something original like a message or have them use a favorite song, but the discs come with standard artwork and labels that include your name, date of birth, and date of death. That package starts at 3,000 Pounds — around 3,700 American dollars —, but there are plenty of extras you can add on.


You can get original artwork, either by providing a photo or sitting for a “pre-death sitting”, get additional audio time and backing tracks, have original music written just for you — with your input if you like —, and you can even have them distribute your album to “reputable vinyl stores worldwide”.

If you don’t find this weird or unsettling, maybe it can be a very touching way to remember a lost one, or to continue putting something good out into the world even after you have left it.



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