Into Her Eyes

about Brian M. Viveros

“The eyes tell all. If you look long and deep enough into those portals, she’ll tell you her story. To Brian M. Viveros, the eyes are always the most important element and require a juggling act to balance a nuanced expression that is both beautiful and pained. They are offset and balanced by the body’s physical pose, the powerful stance that captures the defining moment of her strength and power. It’s all about beauty and strength edged by vulnerability: “the moment you’re arrested by the eyes, you’re entangled in her world”.

Probably, this is a fundamental key to interpret the girls in Brian’s work, a dimension where the erotic imagery is defined through the combination of vulnerability and strength. Other than eyes, his emphasis tends to be on focal points such as lips and skin, conveying the subtlety of minute expression and the power of an impaling gaze.

The paintings feel cinematic, like haunting stills from a film, owing to their evocative suggestion of narrative and to the iconicity of their subjects. His recognition and exposure was catalyzed by his participation in a major group exhibition in Switzerland in 1997 entitled The Art of Porn, in which he exhibited alongside celebrated artist and academy award winner H.R. Giger. In addition to his painting, Brian, has extended his practice to include film and… collect human skulls.






Tercio de Muerte


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