Paper Life

about Will Kurtz

It’s always a somewhat nice sensation, watching every moment of our daily lives wrapped by the capable hands of a sensitive self-taught artist. You can feel something to do with honesty, and hope. Will Kurtz began creating art only in his mid thirties. Eventually his passion for art superseded landscape architecture and he moved to New York at the age of 50 to attend graduate school at the New York Academy of Art. After graduation with an MFA he was selected to remain and do a one-year fellowship.

His intricate, figurative sculptures are made entirely of newspaper. If he wasn’t an artist, he probably would be a healer or message therapist, since he was born with an exceptionally strong sense of touch… I might also be a musician because I love performing in front of people.




“Some of the things that inspire me are: a dead rat that has been run over by a car, women fighting on the steps of the apartment building across the street, the Hispanic women selling those long sugar pastry things on the subway platform, the crack heads selling found furniture and crap on my street corner, the guy pushing a shopping cart of bottles, the Chinese guy playing that one-string instrument, a baby pig’s head on a platter with a birthday hat, a group of black kids with their matching YMCA shirts and backpacks, the little Hasidic sisters running to their father in their plaid dresses, and the row of ants on my studio floor.

He has since had several solo and group shows and has been reptresented by several galleries including Mike Weiss Gallery, New York, Queene Anne Galerie, Leipzig, Germany, Converge Gallery, PN and Stricoff Gallery, NY. His work is in many prominent collections around the world. He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.


Will and Chalkey



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