The Bigger Picture

A stop-motion short by Daisy Jacobs

Winner of various awards — including the BAFTA for Best Short Animation —, with The Bigger Picture, Daisy Jacobs has deftly drawn a razor’s edge between flat art and life size puppetry, between richly subjective inner experience and bleaker real outer circumstance. The result is a brilliant stop-motion short of enchanting poetry. Took 12 months of hard work, through the intimate events of Nick, Richard and their mother, the film is about the turmoil and not uncommon conflict which often happen in a family during the final days of a relative. In this particular case, the person who inspired the whole story is Daisy’s grandmother, Eileen.

The reason Daisy was so close to her is explained partly by the fact that they lived together, in a home that originally spanned four generations. She grew up in Hampshire, with a mum and no dad, but with her grandmother and her step-grandfather, her uncle Warwick who is another artist, and her great-grandmother. It was a wonderful childhood, since Daisy was an only child and she was surrounded by all these supportive adults in a house full of paint and canvases, where art was an entirely normal part of life.




“Eileen was the linchpin of our family, the centre of everything. Things are very different now without her. There’s been a dispersal in the family, and that’s helped me to find a theme for my next film, although I’m focusing in that on divorce and on how people stop feeling connected to one another any more, and why they decide to leave”.

Daisy studied illustration at Central St Martins in London and only studied animation in her last year there as an extra option. Then she saw potential for her work in that area and did a further two years at the National Film & Television School — NFTS — to explore animation. The Bigger Picture is her student film. Animator: Chris Wilder.

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