about Chris Goldfinger

Some time in the 80’s a human woman made love to a space monkey. Eight months later a lunarbaboon was born. He works as a school teacher and lives a life similar to most North American humans. He is different from you though in a few distinct ways. Lunarbaboon has too many pubes. His body hair count is outrageous. When he eats he never really feels full. He poops 4 to 5 times a day and rarely smells his fingers after. Lunarbaboon is very fast, enjoys foods wrapped inside a taco shell, and never drinks with a straw — even when a straw is required. He is hardly ever satisfied with anything. He pretends to be nice and like human people, but generally he does not like most people. This makes lunarbaboon feel bad about himself.

Lunarbaboon is Chris Goldfinger. Some time ago, he had a conversation at dinner with his partner, Danielle, who suggested that they each make a comic. Chris had been experiencing a lack of focus in his life and agreed to do the comic as a hobby. With a background in Studio Art, it was easy for Chris to get started, creating memorable characters loosely based on his family.




The comic can be dissected into three main personas as the Lunarbaboon: “Me as a father, Me as a husband and Me as myself”, Chris explains. Within this trio, we witness the rewarding challenges of parenthood, the complexities of marriage, and the inner struggles and social interactions that nestle in our minds to form endless inner dialogues. “When I started, I couldn’t focus on anything. What I love about the comic is that it gives me a place to put my thoughts. It’s like art as medicine.”

Chris is married and has one imaginative son who inspire and support him in every story. They currently live in Toronto, a city full of humans.






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