Pink Fuzz

about Arvida Byströms

Pink, turquoise, hairs on the legs and in the armpits, pubic fuzz spilling from panties. The world of Arvida Byströms is something caramel and polymath, it deals with sexuality, body image, gender politics and the intersections between them, using feminism to expand rather than limit those conversations. But she thinks you can’t just make “feminist art”, because feminism is more like a spectrum of things and depends on its context. She’d always seen the internet as “a little window out of a very closed room of teenage depression”, but now, Arvida’s oeuvre of selfies, music videos and digital art have helped forge an online culture of body positivity and self-celebration.

Born outside of Stockholm and currently based in London, Stockholm and Los Angeles, Arvida mainly uses photography and occasionally makes music and models.

“Why are all naked, especially cis or non-cis, female bodies labelled under sex? A body has to be able to be a body without being sex. I like it when respectful people think I’m sexy, or, like, I wouldn’t mind a person masturbating to a photo of me – but my body is also so much more.






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