Street Realism

about Cosimo Caiffa aka Cheone

Cosimo Caiffa, aka Cheone, grows up surrounded by artists and art lovers, including an uncle and a friend’s father — a famous painter from Gallipoli, Italy. From them, he learns the techniques of painting on canvas.

At the age of 8-9, he moves to Germany with his family, where he lives and studies. One day, missing the bus, he notices, in a small a little out-of-the-way street, some boys painting a wall with spray cans. Enchanted by the technique and the colors they uses to make their pieces, Cosimo stops and look at them all afternoon. From that moment he begins to approach the culture of writing, beginning to realize his first lettering. He works on developing his photorealistic street art techniques ever since he moves to Milan with his girlfriend.









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