about Sharon Sprung

The secrets of sensuality are never easy to steal. They are deep in colorful places that human eyes can’t find on their own. They wear a mask. So you just have to learn to observe, with the fresh mind of a child. To be patient. Relying entirely on fatality, if you really want that it falls, sooner or later, in front of your craving.

Inspired by artists like Caravaggio, Velázquez, Egon Schiele and Kathe Kollwitz, Sharon Sprung tries to explore those themes that always haunt us: man’s strength, resilience and sensuality, together with the possession of an almost shocking clarity in this pursuit. She believes in the transformative powers of painting, that the luminosity of pigment and medium is as manifest as the surface of the soul.






Sharon’s paintings are a carefully observed negotiation, manipulated layer upon layer in order to create a work of art as equivalent as possible to the complexity of real life. They are an attempt to control the almost uncontrollable substance that is oil paint, and the equally untamable expression of the human condition.

Pushing around puddles of this almost living substance, she’s endlessly defining and redefining the craft of oil painting to fabricate an animated, breathing image grounded in the recognizable and familiar. Since she’s purposefully involved with the contemporary world, Sharon always seek to merge it with a surface that is at once abstractly patterned and textured, and that combines a meticulous respect for realism with the power of the personal image to speak a universal language. She wants the subject and its environment to collide through the use of echo and repetition to form a united composition. We are constantly bombarded visually, so her hope is to infuse her work with a way of engaging the viewer that is both evocatively silent and powerfully commanding.






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