Cabin Utopia

about Richard Greaves

Since 1989, Richard Greaves has devoted himself to the creation of a huge architectural environment in Beauce, Quebec, by erecting cabins that appear to be on the verge of collapse. Like houses of cards, they defy the laws of gravity and approach utopia. Celebrating asymmetry and banishing the right angle, they shatter the norms and principles of construction. These buildings exhibit settling and distortion, both flaws in the eyes of conventional architecture. Richard makes this structures in three stages: first he takes them apart, piece by piece, then he takes the various components back to his site, and, finally, he rebuilds them, alone, in his own way, using no measuring instruments and making use of nylon rope.

Born in the Montreal area in 1952, he studied theology and worked in the hotel business, before he started building his environment on an isolated and heavily wooded piece of land in the Quebec countryside.

“I don’t like concrete. A tree moves. And also I’m silent. With a nail or a saw, you’d know I was there. I’m like a raccoon.







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