Sculpting Shadows

about Kumi Yamashita

Just by using simple objects and light, Kumi Yamashita sculpts her shadow-forms on surfaces, shocking our cognitive skills and making us get a better view or maybe touch before believing. Of course, the game is in her particular working the materials and placing them in relation to a single light source. The rest is all to imagine, since she doesn’t like talking about her work.

“I am reminded of an experience I had years ago… A musician friend of mine was asked by someone to describe his music. After a valiant attempt to articulate his work, it became clear that we were all bored to death including himself. I vowed never to inflict that on someone else!.




Born in Japan, just outside of Tokyo, Kumi lived there until she came to the States as a high school exchange student. It seems her destiny as an artist is always been in her name.

“Ever since I was little I was euphoric as long as I was left alone to draw or make something. in fact, my father named me kumi, which uses two chinese characters ­ the first character ‘工’ translates as ‘to make or create’ and the second character ‘美’ translates as ‘beauty’. so maybe my dad jinxed me! I was very fortunate in that my parents never once questioned the direction I chose ­ to continue making ‘impractical’ things. instead, they gave me all the support a child could ask for. I never consciously made a decision to become an artist, I just continued doing what I most enjoyed.





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