Cosplay Anxiety

about Beethy

Beethy takes photos of cosplay girls, guys and other artsy stuff to finance her potato business. But this doesn’t seem to be an untroubled work since, one day, anxiety and depression crippled her life to the point of leading her to suicide. In 2012, her photo representing the disorder became viral in a few days, so she decided to tell about her experience.

“I couldn’t work any longer. My sleeping pattern was all over the place. Often would go without sleep.
I lost friends. Close friends.
I slowly started to feel like a vegetable. Like I wasn’t alive.

Psychologists and doctors realise cognitive behaviour therapy is ineffective for her. She refused medication. She had done research and did not like the sound of the adverse affects. Her life was at a standstill. She had become fat. Unhealthy. Not fun. No future. She just existed like a parasite.




Beethy started using anti depressants to avoid those moments of borderline insanity. Turned out she took 3 sleeping pills. Entered a delirious state. Then took a total of 8 more. Enough to kill. She woke up feeling like hell. So, she decided to kick all drugs and face her problems on her own, learning to live with them.

“Today. The anxiety and depression? Still got em. And they’ll be around for the rest of my life. But I’ll deal with it.
The creative process helps. The idea of the image is something that’s been twisting and turning in my subconscious for a while.
I’m glad I got to realise the image. I’m glad other people with anxiety understand it.

I’m ready to take my photography further. To keep growing. To make more friends. To live.
I’m not dead. And I’m glad.
Life is wonderful. Just need to know where to look.





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