about Stefania Ferrario

A little tired of navigating an industry that labels her as plus-size, Stefania Ferrario starts the #DropThePlus campaign by putting up on Instagram the photo with the words “I am a model” on her torso. It’s 2015, and since there, the post of the Australian model became viral and sparked heated debate about industry terminology and the inevitable divisions it can lead to.

“There was a debate going on because a so-called plus-size model got bullied for making the point that she shouldn’t be called that. I started the campaign to stop the bullying that was going on and also to voice my opinion about the dangers of the label. That sparked me to put up the photo with ‘I am a model’ on me and creating the hashtag #DropThePlus. It’s a call to action, it’s asking for a change even though its small. By removing the label we’re normalising curvier body types.



Along the same lines, the agency Models 1 has come out swinging for the body-positive movement: ‘curve’ as opposed to ‘plus size’.
Of course, this is not a fact of the modelling industry, but a real segregating reality for all women, since we can still see stores which often open sections in the back of a shop, with less variety. It’s more expensive and there’s not much choice.

“I guess when the body gets curvy it needs more tailoring, you need to think about it more, it needs to sit tighter in certain spots, it needs to be more flattering. I think designers should be making clothing that flatters different body types, curvier bodies and bigger women because that is the public. Women who inspire me are the ones who don’t follow social norms and do what they want.





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