about Roos van der Vliet

Eyes cannot lie
They’d probably have so much to say
If only they could talk

Roos van der Vliet is concerned with the human condition, particularly with how living in such a large and historied world that affects our identities. She paints photorealist portraits of young women she identifies with, in an effort to resolve these feelings of anonymity and alienation. Each day we stand almost shoulder to shoulder, occupying the same space and breathing the same air, yet we know so little about each other.

As long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by the human face and its expressions, but maybe even more important: I’m fascinated by what’s behind this face. We’re used to judge a book by it’s cover, a person by its appearance. We are locked up inside ourselves. And in a world this big, you can feel anonymous and small when looking at the world through nothing more than a small pair of eyes.


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