Genderless Nipples

A project by Morgan-Lee Wagner, Evelyne Wyss & Marco Russo


The story is always the same: “why even bother banning female nipples if they can be so similar to male ones?”. Even if you completely agree and always against this kind of censorship, you can at least acknowledge that not all nipples are so similar…

But try telling that to Morgan-Lee Wagner, Evelyne Wyss and Marco Russo, the founders of Genderless Nipples, an Instagram account that features images of nipples without any other identifying factors that would indicate someone’s gender. Their reply will be that nipples are only sexualized when they’re known to be part of a woman’s body, and gender equality can’t be achieved until those sexist ideas are eradicated.




Thus, when popular social networks like Instagram and Facebook make it clear that men’s bodies are allowed on their sites but women’s bodies aren’t, it sends the message that women’s bodies — and just more “feminine” features — are something to be censored and ashamed of.

Evelyne says they got over 100 emails with nipples from people supporting the cause, they are gaining a lot of followers each day and people seem very interested: “People are debating and talking, we sparked a conversation, and that’s exactly what we want. Instagram, you can’t even tell the difference between male and female nipples, who could!?”. After Steph Wilson’s EMOJI, you can now support this new venture here.





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