Woody Clay

about Christopher David White

There is a peace that can be found in even the simplest things

Everything derived from nature is subject to the same repetitive cycle of growth and decay of life and death. Change is a constant reminder that permanence is the ultimate illusion. It is through the creation of hyper-realistic sculpture that Christopher David White explores the relationship between nature, man, and the phenomenon of impermanence.

He seeks to expose the beauty that often results from decay while, at the same time, making the viewer question his own perception of the world. To accomplish this, Christopher begins by observing instances of decay within his surroundings that he finds inspiring due to form, color, or texture.



With clay as his predominant medium of choice, he then meticulously render by hand those elements, taking advantage of clay’s innate ability to mimic a wide variety of materials like wood, rusted metal, and other objects in various stages of deterioration. He utilizes trompe l’oeil as a stylistic choice to emphasize the concept that our understanding of the world is an illusion.

The juxtaposition of natural and man-made features in combination with the skewing of scale, proportion, and material, helps in creating an altered perception — forcing the viewer to look closer. Born in Bedford, Indiana in 1976, Christopher lives and works in Richmond, Virginia.





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