Painting the Sky

about Dominic Liam

Dominic Liam was born in the UK but then moved to Greece to study Theology. Once he moved there, he bought a camera and taught himself how to use it, with a bit of help from google. He tells, that he thinks of his composition before he gets on site, he writes it down, plans and then goes out to take the picture.

He brings his own model as he finds it easier than to wait to find the right picture present it self.





“I found it impossible not to own a camera living in such a beautiful country as Greece. I gave Instagram a go and I started to see some really nice images and thought, I could manage that… And so it began…

I use a Nikon D5200 with an assortment of lenses, 18-105mm being the most frequently used. The most important part for me is the flip screen on the D5200, almost all my work is done via low angle. Simply couldn’t manage without it.




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