A different kind of Crazy

about Sarah Bahbah

Although today this word has definitely taken a pretty ambiguous form, however, the new generations seem to have a clear idea when they define someone or themselves as “crazy”. Maybe just a way to stand out from the crowd without taking too many risks, a fashion exercise without the consequences of a not too distant past, when “being crazy” meant many other signs on their skin.

With the release of art series as Sex and Takeout, Summer Without a Pool or Accept It, Sarah Bahbah told very well this kind of new bourgeois isolation / madness, making a name for herself at the international level and continuing to be featured in publications worldwide.




Nylon Magazine and Elite Daily crowned Sarah as the “Best Instagrammer”, meanwhile she’s been nominated as one of the top 6 digital influencers of Australia in photography and travel by Pedestrian TV.

Beginning her career as an Australian festival and music photographer documenting artists at a local and international capacity, Sarah Bahbah evolved her presence in the industry by establishing her role as a creative director, a pop culture influencer, and as a contemporary fine artist in conceptual photography.







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