Finding Truth

about Steve Cutts

Steve Cutt’s work is a satire on the way we live, using black humour to convey a darker message. The topics he chooses are fundamental aspects of modern society that surround us, so naturally they are the subject of much of his work, the things that affect us on a daily basis — poverty, corruption, greed, the media and social media, consumerism, dependence, drugs, to name a few.

The aim is to get people thinking more about these aspects. There are no more doubts about the insanity in the way we live, so, the only way to progress, is maybe to become more aware and look at the options we have more clearly.




Humour can help find truth and also give much needed relief from the quite insane realities we’re living through right now.

“Humour is interesting in that it lets you talk about uncomfortable truths while also releasing the pressure that creates, so it’s a fun yet real way to get a message across. It can also be used to explore relationships between individuals and the world we live in, emphasising certain aspects of that to draw people into empathising or identifying with situations, which I guess comes down to feelings in a way”.


Steve is an illustrator and animator based in London. He mainly works with Adobe After Effects, Toon Boom Harmony, Photoshop, Cinema 4D and Manga Studio.

He has worked on projects for renowned agencies across the world including UNESCO, The Gaia Foundation, Isobar, LMFM, and Analogfolk, as well as creating a recent couch gag intro for ‘The Simpsons’. His work has been featured on various television networks, including Adult Swim and Fox in the US and Channel 4 in the UK.






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