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“I know, where do you draw the line? What determines porn and art? Can they be both? Who has the right over who? Is porn damaging? Is it liberating? Why is nudity seen as so damaging? Why is it still such a delicate subject to approach professionally?. Despite all the progress made by humanity, some questions are still a hot topic solved and stifled by censorship, especially online.

“The effects of making it increasingly hard to express and share artwork that uses the semi-nude female form, compared to a semi-nude male, concerns me. It just seems very archaic. Why are vulvas, tits and arse so utterly terrifying? I’m interested in knowing whether, because of this high level of censorship — Instragram, Facebook —, are less nudes being taken as a result? And as a secondary ripple effect, is it making nudity shameful? Is our acceptance of nudity regressing?



Talking to Dazed, Steph Wilson says she’s lucky to have some incredible friends who, like herself, look for any excuse to get naked and stick a snail on their tit or a sparkler up their arse… She was also very lucky to get Lizzie Farrell, aka Glacier Girl, on board. About her EMOJI series, she remembers seeing a stunning shot on Instagram taken by her good friend Eleanor Hadwick of her boyfriend, nude, on a cliff edge:

“His arse crack was censored with, what Elle coined, a “sparklefart” — the sparkle emoji. It made me laugh but also made me incredibly frustrated that such a striking, artistic image had been made into a farce. I wanted to play with that as a theme, and, for once, use emojis as censorship to my artistic advantage.




Steph is a fashion and fine art photographer and artist based in Hackney, London. She hates talking about herself. And yet when it comes to her work, she finds she’s always trying to include elements of herself within the frame.

Growing up in Farnham, Surrey — before that she lived on a small boat —, she left home on an art scholarship when she was 16 years old. Skipping university, she honed her creative skills as a practical artist, and channelled it into her photography.





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