Abandoned Planet

A project by Andre Govia

Every place has a different decay. It can be densely “black”, as in North Wales, “very green” in New Jersey, or “very dusty”, if you’re enjoying the bittersweet melancholy of some places scattered all over Miami, Spain or Portugal. In British mansions, hidden away from society and preserved just as its inhabitants left them 20 or 30 years earlier, Andre Govia might find an unmade bed or a jacket hanging on a doorknob. In Germany and Italy, he saw beautiful paintings decorating ceilings and sculptures in homes and hospitals.

“Even the mental asylums and the crematoriums in Italy have painted ceilings, it’s amazing. You’ll be in an operating theater, and you’ll look up, and it’s got painted ceilings with God knows what on it, cherubs. I went to Germany 15 times last year, also Portugal, Spain, France, Holland, Austria, America, Sweden and Norway, and we have Iceland coming up and maybe Russia.



Andre is a legend among urban explorers. He has taken his camera into over 22 different countries worldwide to document the Narnia of global urban decay left behind by the march of time. He released, “Abandoned Planet,” a book that contains 380 of the thousands of photographs he has taken during his adventures. The book is filled with images of deserted hospitals, hotels, schools, theme parks, mansions, cottages, car graveyards and industrial spaces. Nobody better captures the haunting poetry of these spaces, as Andre leads the reader on an emotional journey through a world most will never see. Abandoned Planet brings you an epic collection of Andre’s work, never before seen in print.

The pathos, the magic, the profound sadness of each image invites you to contemplate not only the eventual failure of all human endeavour but also the difficult to describe, indistinct yearning for a world less civilised, a nostalgia for wild spaces – for a life less tame.



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