Axe Anarchy

A project by Bartle Bogle Hegarty

Just as in many cases before the Bartle Bogle Hegarty’s launch spot for Axe Anarchy — the first fragrance in the brand’s history with a version for ladies as well as dudes — Axe has long been known, and relentlessly bashed, for “giving men the edge in the mating game” which in the advertising has always meant portraying women as brainless, sex-driven fools unable to resist throwing themselves at the Axe-using men in their midst.

The introduction of a women’s fragrance levels the playing field, and lets BBH finally portray both sexes as sex-crazed imbeciles, free to objectify each other equally in willfully mutual attraction — in what turns out to be the most absurdly romantic campaign Axe has ever produced.





1 Commento su Axe Anarchy

  1. God these are terrible! Is this what is branded as Lynx in Britain? The ‘ Lynx effect’ is a bit tame in comparison. For the girls we had Impulse which when worn would make men panic buy flowers apparently.


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