Alice Underground

with Stefano Bessoni


The dream of reason produces monsters

Francisco Goya

How much time do you devote to reasoning, during the act of creation?

I work in a very instinctive way, so I try to avoid thinking too much, even if it is inevitable. The ideas are crowded in a very chaotic and free manner, in the moments when I do something else, usually gym or running. It’s during those hours that the ideas which I consider valuable survive, organize and structure themselves, only to be used when writing or illustrating during the following hours of the day.

Do you think an artist can really do without an unknown, uncontrollable, shadow of madness?

I do not believe in the art and the artists, they are concepts and figures too inflated and mythologized out of turn. I firmly believe in the expression and the creative act needs, I believe in the images and in the indispensable need to catch and create them. I believe in the madness, but not in those who call themselves mad.



Through the Looking Glass : how hard it is to leave behind yourself, in the construction of a character?

You don’t leave behind yourself. I’m always in my characters, and they are constantly in me, in every moment of my life. A character is not built, it is described and told. A character always exists, we must be able to capture it.

Alice Underground : Some notes on the reasons that inspired your work:

Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll, was located in the bowels of the underground. The first manuscript, created for little Alice Liddell, in fact, was called Alice’s adventures under ground , so I wanted to play on replacing the name “Wonderland” with “Underground”. Alice’s story is a singular psychic gimmick that allows you to fire up the imagination to re-invent at will what lurks within the lines, it is fuel for the imagination, and it is nice to see how many artists took it for their very personal versions or, more simply, for inspiration. I just wanted to spend some time with those characters, too, by creating a small travel notebook with sketches and notes on the inhabitants of Wonderland. A “bestiary” drawn up with the look of a naturalist with a Victorian soul.


According to Nietzsche, gazing long into the abyss also provides that the abyss gazes into you: are you ever afraid to turn into one of the inhabitants of your world?

I’m a character of my world.

One of the memories of your childhood which identifies you as an author today:

Spending carefree days flicking at insects, looking for skulls and skeletons, building toys, fantasizing about characters and stories. I did it as a kid and I still do it every day.





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  1. Great art work!!!


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